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Sunlive Group, was created in 2007 and started its activity exploiting the Estalagem de Sangalhos Hotel, acquired this same year.

Since then the company evolution was based on a diversification strategy, transforming its initial role in the market.

Nowadays we are a company performing on a wider range of solutions on several areas, working within a solid network with diferent partnerships, developed throgh the contacts in our Hotel in Portugal with our clients, allowing us to respond into several business opportunities.

Based on personalized service, diversification and quality of the service, we were able to create a proper indentity that gave us some visibility and offers of possibility of continuous growth of our contacts and businesses.




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  • SunLive borda branca 258x Location:
    Rua Narciso da Marça
    3780-101 Sangalhos - Anadia
    GPS: 40º28' 37.88"N. 8º27' 34.14"W
    T: (+351) 234 745 133  
    M: (+351) 933 600 634
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